About us

We are Pierre and Tom the team behind Photographery. Being a photographer and a web developer, we are the ideal combination to understand where the problems of a photographer lie in terms of onlining the images for the client. Maybe Photographery will help you to simplify your professional life a little bit.

Pierre Illsley



Tom Weber


The problem without good solution...

For years photographers, agencies and content creators have been annoyed by the limited offer of the existing online galleries. When we relaunched the homepage of Tom's agency in 2021, we once again encountered the problem with online galleries.

The storage was used up again, an upgrade costs a lot of money and the integration options on the own website did not meet the requirements of a modern photographer. There must be a better way.

And so Photographery was born. With more than 10 years of experience as a photographer and content creator of Tom and the technical expertise of Pierre, a platform has been created that allows photographers to present their images easily, cost-effectively, attractively and clearly, and to sell them in an uncomplicated way.

The mission: A stylish online gallery in combination with an online store on your own website without branding others!. As a photographer you have all the advantages of a classic online gallery and also the possibility that your customer can directly buy the desired images including licenses.

Our vision

We wanted to develop something that helps every photographer with this ever emerging and important process.The goal is to end up with less work and sell more images because it's just easier for both photographer and client!

It is also important to understand that we are talking about purely digital images here, because there are so many different suppliers to the topic of printing makes it for us and for customers are little to offer this. Other suppliers do this, but in the end the customer does not get the best for his money, because there are so many different options to print things and we simply want away.

What were the criteria, features and functions that this system should have?

Based on the features we have decided on three sections that will be important, firstly the online gallery, secondly the online store and thirdly the own branding.

The first thing we thought about was the online gallery. This should be stylish, easy to use and above all adapted to the needs of the photographers, we have decided here for an account-based system not for a system that works via links like all other providers.

For the design of the online gallery we have chosen a modern and minimalistic design. We clearly focus on the images here, as they should play the main role in a photo gallery.

The next question we asked ourselves is, how can I sell my pictures? For this we have chosen an online store in the gallery, like Amazon Zalando and co. only for pictures.

The result of this is Photographery!

That's it from us again. We hope you like our online gallery for photographers and we are looking forward to your feedback. 🙂