About us

Hello we are Pierre and Tom: The Duo Behind Photographery Discover the story of Photographery, the brainchild of Pierre the developer, and Tom the photographer. Together, we are the perfect combination to understand the challenges photographers face in making their work accessible online. Our goal? To simplify your professional life with Photographery.

Pierre Illsley



Tom Weber


The Problem That Needed Solving

For years, photographers, agencies, and content creators struggled with the limited offerings of existing online galleries. When Tom's agency revamped its website in 2021, the duo once again faced the challenges posed by online galleries - limited storage, costly upgrades, and inadequate integration options. It was time for a better solution.

Birth of Photographery

Drawing from Tom's decade-long experience as a photographer and content creator, and Pierre's technical expertise, they created Photographery. This platform enables photographers to present, sell, and manage their work effortlessly, with a visually appealing and user-friendly interface.

Our Mission and Vision

The mission was clear: to create a stylish online gallery that seamlessly integrates with your website and offers the ability to sell images directly to customers, including licenses.

Photographery was designed to make the process of showcasing and selling digital images easier for both photographers and clients. The duo prioritized individual branding, ample storage, easy website integration, and affordability.

What were the criteria, features and functions that this system should have?

Photographery focuses on three core areas: the online gallery, the online store, and personalized branding. The platform is built on an account-based system, ensuring a modern and minimalist design that emphasizes your images.

The Result: Photographery

The dream has become a reality - Photographery is here to revolutionize the way photographers showcase and sell their work online. We hope you enjoy using our online gallery, and we look forward to your valuable feedback. Let's embark on this exciting journey together!