Photography is in itself a demanding task. Most photography professionals are absorbed in it, tirelessly honing their style and trying out new subjects, tools and techniques that develop their art. With the right presentation, enthusiastic customers are not long in coming. But if only there weren’t all the organizational steps!

You have to put together portfolios for different client needs, select client images after completed projects or upload them somewhere for client selection, manage and send access to images, wait for images to be selected, edit images, upload again, calculate discounts, write invoices, track incoming payments….

And that's where Photographery comes in, offering you a clean, unbranded online gallery that takes a lot of organizational tasks off your plate while functioning like a modern online store for your customers.

Plannable revenues thanks to
commission-free selling

For us at Photographery, it is a given that you can sell commission-free.

Our subscriptions give you the opportunity to keep the expenses for marketing, organizing and paying for your images predictable and manageable. No other unexpected costs are waiting for you. This gives you more planning security and you can relax and take care of your art, your craft and your customers.

Dynamic discounts - the optional feature for flexible, attractive offers

With this cool and completely optional feature you can offer your customers tiered discounts just as you like. Simply define (already when creating the gallery), from how many images the discount should start and what the discount should be.

This is especially interesting for freelance or customer projects where the number of images cannot be defined precisely before creating the gallery, such as event photography, photo reportages or even certain product shots.

For individual packages and more: optional free image function

You want to create a package, put together an introductory offer, offer a bonus or a thank-you for your customer, or create an individual offer?

That’s why we created our (optional) free image function. It is activated as simple as this: Mark one or more images in any gallery as a free image and then share this gallery with your customer to whom the offer applies.

The free images feature is very versatile and we are sure that it will be more than helpful for you when marketing your images.

For individual editing: the optional feedback loop

For client projects that involve a lot of visual material and intensive post-processing, you may want to present only one or two images with the final look ahead of time.

You may want to offer the rest – like on the contact sheet in the past – in its entirety and unedited for the customer to choose from. (You can also group your favorites in one or more extra folders sorted by motifs). And with this larger, still unprocessed selection of images you then have the option to activate the so-called feedback loop.

If this is active, the purchase and delivery process change automatically. All steps are kept logical and intuitive.

Once your customer can view the unedited selection in your gallery, he can decide on his favorites. This works the same as in a conventional online store – the customer puts the images in the shopping cart, buys them and thereby automatically activates the feedback loop you set up for this project.

So instead of a direct download to the customer, these images go to you. You get the images that the customer has selected and paid for automatically for download or you can download an overview in Excel.

Then you can edit the images accordingly and upload them. Your customer can download these final images.

This makes the feedback loop workflow much smoother and clearer when it comes to selection and editing. It saves you a lot of time – and your customer has the added value of being able to make a very customized selection digitally and conveniently.

There is only one feedback loop intended.

Simple, intuitive “clean” design

The goal of Photographery is to offer you a professional platform where you can present and smoothly sell your images.

Our “clean” design plays a crucial role in this. It is not a directly visible feature, but it is invaluable to the experience your customers associate with discovering and buying your images.

The intuitive user experience in the no-frills design effortlessly accommodates the simplified workflows. That also applies to you – the design is easy to learn, uncomplicated to use and more enjoyable to work with.

Easy digital delivery: direct download of purchased images

When buying the images, the overall simple and intuitive shopping experience of your customers is finalized in an equally simple and intuitive way: Because customers can download your images directly and instantly after the purchase.

In the end, your customer experiences a modern online shopping experience similar to shopping at a stock photo database. The customer chooses the images, pays for them and then is able to download them immediately.

If you offer a custom editing service, the images will be available for download after you’ve completed the editing step.

Good for your customers: The digital download delivery makes the experience of buying your images refreshingly straightforward and easy.

Good for you: For you, this type of delivery means that you don’t have to do anything technical after uploading your finished images. There’s no more hand-picking images, no more uploading to a server. You don’t have to send reminders to make sure the client downloads the images on time – this saved up time can be used to relax and gain new inspiration, for learning and, of course, for creating new images.

It can be that simple!

Uncomplicated payment when buying - instant payout

Writing an invoice, waiting weeks for the bank transfer – that was in the past.

Instead of invoicing after you ship your images, Photographery offers you a convenient and easy way to generate revenue quickly.

Your customers simply pay for the images online – just like in a stock photo database or in an online store. They can choose from a range of well-known payment options, including SEPA direct debit, debit card or credit card.

The best part? Photographery pays you your earnings immediately – there is no minimum revenue. How quickly you get your money depends solely on the payment method your customer has chosen. It usually takes up to 3 business days for your money to be deposited into your account.

In addition, you pay no transaction fees except for the fees of the payment providers. These can currently amount to a maximum of 2.3% of the amount paid.

Unlimited number of clients and galleries

We at Photographery understand the industry. That’s why we understand how important it is for you to be able to create customized galleries of your work for specific clients.

In order for your customers to easily discover, purchase and instantly download your images from Photographery, you must create appropriate customer accounts for them. Without an account and without logging in, it is not possible to view your galleries.

This is we why we don’t limit this feature – the more customer accounts you create, the more returning customers you’ll have. And our goal is to support you and your photography business.

Another advantage: With an unlimited number of galleries for an unlimited number of customers, you can show the whole range of your work and skills much more precisely than in any portfolio. You can create entire worlds of images or store client projects in one place where they can be easily viewed and paid for by the client.

And: You don’t have to worry about your work being shown unprotected on the internet. With your Photographery subscription, you get an individual subdomain that hosts your galleries and for which your clients need corresponding client accounts.

So there are no limits to your imagination when it comes to choosing the images you offer for sale. Show selected customers what you can do for them without any ifs and buts.

Automatic invoice generation

In line with the digital shopping, payment and delivery processes, Photographery also automatically generates the invoice.

When you register, you provide all the important information needed for a correct, complete invoice.

When your customer purchases and pays for the images, Photographery’s system automatically generates an invoice that is immediately sent to the customer. This way you don’t have to worry about the invoices being sent.