Online Galerie für Fotografen

Online gallery for photographers for clients:

present, sell and send your images to customers in 2023

As a photographer, you know the many benefits of having an online gallery. Online gallery for photographers for clients allow you to showcase your work, attract new clients, and make viewing and selling your photos easy. Your photography business can benefit from an online gallery in several ways. You can transfer, present, and much more with your own online gallery for photographers - all in one place. Find out how an online gallery can help with (often perceived as annoying) tasks.


A convenient and easy way for photographers to upload and send images to their clients

For photographers, the most crucial function of an online gallery is image transfer. After all, the images have to get to your customers.

You can manage everything online instead of fiddling with USB sticks.

An online gallery eliminates the need for photographers to burn CDs or transfer images via USB sticks. It also makes it easier for customers to receive their photos on time.

Plus, you can send images to many clients at once with an online gallery. This is exceptionally convenient if you have many clients or are a wedding photographer and need to send images to multiple people (e.g., the bride, groom, parents, etc.).

And if you already use cloud services like Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive? The main disadvantage is that all types of files can be sent using these services. So, they don't offer features you'll find in a real online gallery for photographers.

Photographers like you enjoy online galleries for a variety of reasons:


Online Galerie für Fotografen

Let's take a closer look at these advantages.

Create an online gallery: Your branding is the focusd

That should be a critical benefit. The online photo gallery for photographers also looks more attractive to customers. It's your branding they see - not that of a third party.

You can also integrate your online gallery into your existing website. This way, your customers will have a seamless experience and won't even know they're using a different service.

Your online gallery is also your online store.

If you're selling photos, an online gallery is a natural place to do it. Customers can browse your images and purchase them directly from the gallery. And since the gallery is integrated into your website, they'll never know they're using a different service.

There are no restrictions on when or how much you can sell. Plus, you can earn money anytime with an online gallery. And with a commission-free sales model, you can keep all of the profits for yourself.

Online gallery for photographers for clients: intuitive use and clear processes

Your online photo galleries are aligned with your business processes. This means that the operation is very simple and logical (also called: intuitive). And this is for you and your counterpart on the customer side!

You want to offer your customers an optimal buying experience. Therefore, the interaction in the gallery must be self-explanatory. This ensures that customers can find their way around easily and purchase photos without any problems.

At the same time, you as a photographer should be able to work as efficiently as possible in the gallery. After all, your time is precious, and you want to spend it taking photos - not managing your gallery.

The processes in the gallery must be clear and logical. This includes uploading images, photo descriptions, creating albums, and much more.

In short: An online gallery for photographers must offer both a great customer experience and an intuitive interface for the photographer.

Since each customer has a gallery, online galleries enhance customer loyalty because this is what your customers want and what you need as a photographer! This is uncomplicated yet contemporary and professional.

Forget about the hassle of dealing with multiple clients. An online gallery will save you time and make your life easier.

If you're looking for an online gallery for photographers, look no further than Photographery. We offer a commission-free sales model, unlimited storage, and a variety of other features to help you succeed.

Practical! Your "digital contact sheet" with purchase function

Many photo businesses offer clients unedited or lightly edited footage.

An online gallery for photographers offers precisely this function. Create a gallery with images from fashion, weddings, product shoots, etc., and send them to customers. This way, your contact person at the customer can view all pictures at any time. This gallery is password protected and only released for this customer of yours.

The selected images can then also be purchased in the gallery and downloaded.

Or - if you also offer image editing - the images can be purchased and marked for you to edit. The finished images are then ready for download.

This will also make communication and coordination between you even better, even easier and even more efficient.

You will also be able to communicate and coordinate better, easier, and more.

Advantages of an online gallery for photographers in the overview:

+ Show proof images to customers (fashion, weddings, product shoots)

+ Receive direct feedback on the images

+ The customer can purchase the image directly

+ Image delivery in high resolution

+ Easy and quick creation of a customer gallery

Your photo gallery online as your own webshop

This also addresses another advantage of an online gallery: It is at the same time your own online shop. At least this is true for some providers like Photographery.

The images you upload here will be available for your customers for sale.

In order to ensure everything runs smoothly, the typical processes of an online sale are taken into account.

As a result, communication and image transmission are reduced. This also makes the sale process simple. For example, customers can purchase an image with just a few clicks.

The big advantage for you as a photographer: You no longer have to send images by e-mail or similar. Everything happens digitally and quickly in your customer gallery!

Even if it's impossible to sell images from your customer gallery, there are still advantages for you as a photographer. An online gallery saves you a lot of time and hassle when dealing with customers.

+ You no longer have to send images by e-mail

+ Customers can view all their images at any time

+ Customer communication via the gallery

Practical features for your marketing and better sales

Some online galleries also offer to take your marketing to a new, professional level. For example, you can offer discounts or different pricing models.

You should compare prices when choosing your online gallery for photographers. Also, pay attention to whether you have follow-up costs, such as sales commissions.

Keeping an eye on costs

When choosing your online gallery for photographers, you should of course also compare the prices of the various providers. Also pay attention to whether there are any follow-up costs for you, such as sales commissions.

In summary: An online gallery is worthwhile for you , because it

From practice: how a wedding photographer uses the gallery

Wedding pictures - dreamlike, very individual and a precious memory for people.

For you as a photo professional, it's a question of organization. Because most of the time, a series of wedding pictures consists of several stories that come together to form a whole: romantic test shoot or engagement shoot, bachelor and bachelorette party, preparations on the big day, reception, wedding ceremony, wedding reception or party, location pictures and detail shots, close-ups of the rings and so on...

The wedding couple also ends up having to work through a large number of photos to make a selection.

Your customers will love the online gallery even if you package them with a USB stick and other goodies. Here you can sort all wedding pictures by themes and create a rhythmic structure for them.

You've saved your clients time and made ordering images easy.

And who knows: they'll even like it so much that they'll recommend you to their circle of friends?

As a photographer, you can use an online gallery for different target groups and purposes:

+ For product or commercial shots to show potential customers the project results.

+ For fashion shoots to give the customer an overview of the results and possibly sell the images.

+ And, of course, for weddings or family celebrations, present the pictures to the guests beautifully and make them available for purchase.

Online gallery for photographers for clients - the convenient digital solution for photo pros like you

The important thing is that you offer your customers more than just a digital image file. An online gallery shows that you are a professional who attaches importance to a well-designed presentation of your work - product shots, fashion photos or wedding pictures.

So with your online gallery, you have an effective tool to upload, showcase and sell photos.

Photographery lets you showcase your work and sell images securely. Also, Photographery offers commission-free sales, digital invoices, and payouts without minimum

For you and for your customers, Photographery:

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